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Summer 2016 4th of July Training Specials

If you are reading this you have:

#1. Purchased one of the Three Summer Training Packages and you are looking for follow-on instructions.


#2. You have stumbled upon this post looking for ways time improve your Double Under Consistency.  For more details on this get FREE details on my program by going to


Email me and I will tell you how to get in on this exclusive members only training at

Either way you are in the right place

For all the #1’s here’s the NEXT STEPS.

Step 1 – I will receive a notification of your purchase and I will contact you via email with an introduction

Step 2 – You can start recording your first video giving me a good 1min to 2min video of your best attempts at Double Unders. I need at least 30sec view from the front and side.

Step 3 – I will analyze the video and send detailed recommendations and then you implement the feedback.  Then we do it all again if necessary.

Simple and Effective is how all this works.  Now It’s Time to Get To 50!

Duane Q. Waits

Double Under Expert