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Summer 2016 4th of July Training Specials

If you are reading this you have:

#1. Purchased one of the Three Summer Training Packages and you are looking for follow-on instructions.


#2. You have stumbled upon this post looking for ways time improve your Double Under Consistency.  For more details on this get FREE details on my program by going to


Email me and I will tell you how to get in on this exclusive members only training at

Either way you are in the right place

For all the #1’s here’s the NEXT STEPS.

Step 1 – I will receive a notification of your purchase and I will contact you via email with an introduction

Step 2 – You can start recording your first video giving me a good 1min to 2min video of your best attempts at Double Unders. I need at least 30sec view from the front and side.

Step 3 – I will analyze the video and send detailed recommendations and then you implement the feedback.  Then we do it all again if necessary.

Simple and Effective is how all this works.  Now It’s Time to Get To 50!

Duane Q. Waits

Double Under Expert Verses Jump N Rope

First off, I want to say that I was amazed to see Molly’s 10 minutes of consecutive Double Unders video a few years ago.  I was so impressed I posted her video as a prime example of efficiency and skill in motion.  I am also impressed with the expansion of her program in the realms of the CrossFit Affiliates getting the recognition of CrossFit members from around the world.jumpNrope

Her coaches have some impressive jump rope statistics that few can duplicate around the world.  The Jump N Rope facility in Louisville, Colorado looks great as well.  I expect only good things to come from Molly’s program in the future for CrossFitters and jump rope enthusiast of all ages around the world.

Molly’s Jump N Rope program has also developed a patented jump rope handle technology and based on the review I am going to assume it is one of the best on the market.  I have not used her rope and can only attest to RX Jump Ropes and Revletics Jump Ropes.  Click the links to find out more.  Well worth your time and money!

OK!  Let’s talk accessories.  Jump N Rope has a training tool called Speed Balls? I am not sure of there effectiveness when it comes to Double Under Training, but I can see the value of training your wrist flips to get in sync with your rope and jumps.  The question is, “will I ever use these?”  The answer is probably not.  There may be a few extreme cases out there that may need these to help as more training variety has its benefits.  I will not completely rule these out in the future.

Myself and the family recently made a trip to a discount store called Five Beloweasterfivebelow I was so surprised to see cable speed jump ropes, and you guested it, they only cost $5.  So anyone out there in the Double Under training world looking for cheap adjustable cable speed ropes similar to the ones you get from Rogue or Again Faster, you will save yourself $10 and avoid shipping fees.

Now, last but not least, let us look at ease of getting trained.  Jump N Rope offers Double Under Training Seminars at their facility in Colorado and they are willing to travel all over the world to conduct 2 hour seminars to CrossFit Affiliates.  Awesome!  The downside is that you may have to wait several months to get trained, or you may have to spend money to travel to their home facility, or sign a petition with your local affiliate to get Jump N Rope’s outstanding coaches to your area.

OK, time to break down and what we have to offer you, no matter where you live.

1. DoubleUnderTrainiThe Secret To Double Under Success, from my research, is the only program, In The World, that has a published hard copy training manual available for purchase from and various other online book retailers.

2. We also have it as a digital e-book, available to download from the site.

3. Along with the manual, I have several training videos to give you further insight into my Double Under training world that shows how I help people break through their inefficiencies / difficulties.

4. We offer online video coaching and email support to help speed up your learning and training progress. You will have the confidence knowing this is not just a one to two-hour event which leaves you with a pass or fail grade.

5. We offer a 180 Day “Money Back Guarantee” That’s Right! Get trained to your Satisfaction for up to 6 months or Get Your Cash Back!

Be on the Look Out for Information on The official “Double Under Dominance Seminar.” We will be offering this program exclusively to CrossFit Affiliates in Texas only for 2015.

Purchase any Training Before February 26, 2015 and get 25% off available training packages!!! (shoot me an email to receive the special link)

Contact Duane Waits Today via Email:

(New) or (old)

Visit for digital e-book or get your Hard Copy from “CLICK HERE”

Welcome to Double Under Training

You have found the #1 Complete Double Under Training Program in the World!

This Program is designed for CrossFitters and jump rope enthusiast.

Sign-Up Today for your Three FREE Chapters by CLICKING HERE

Read below and see what others are saying who have gone through this training program.


“I have improved greatly since starting CrossFit back in March, 2011. You taught me to control the rope and not let the rope control me. Once I was able to control my speed and was able to go slow and or fast doing singles, I was then able to do a few singles and work in one double under. My rhythm is good enough now to where I can do 4 to 5 double unders, which I still need to work on. One key element that helped me the most was to use my wrist and not my arms so much. Thanks.”
Lonnie Morales

“Helped me improve by teaching me that (1) I need to keep a steady rate of breathing to control my pace (2) Once you decide to change your jumping rate, you need to adjust by slowing or increasing the rate of spinning the rope… you adjust the rope, don’t jump to the rate of the rope (3) Spin faster, jump a little higher (4) Relax your shoulders and body — Since beginning a constant attendance at CrossFit since Feb, 2011, I can now do up to forty five seconds of DU’s and I’m getting better! Thank you, D!”

Sonya Bagdley

“Duane helped me progress from a single-double-single-double rhythm to fluid unbroken double unders. His patient and observant coaching techniques definitely put me at a new level for competitions. Thanks, Duane!”

Liz Collura

“Duane is the best double under instructor I have worked with and he increased my double under consistency from 5 – 10 to 30 – 40 DU’s in a very short amount of time.  Thanks, Duane!”

Janice Maruquin

“Duane coached me as I was struggling to learn double under’s. He noticed that when I jumped-rope, I would jump extremely high and pointed out that this causes me to do extra work, which would make me get tired more quickly, and therefore decrease my amount of reps that I was attempting to jump for.

Another thing he pointed out is to keep my hands near my waist and rotate at the wrists. This allows me to control the rope better.  He taught me that jumping at a shorter height, but keeping control of the rope better, as I swing it a little faster will enable me to not get tired so quickly, and can therefore do more reps.

One thing I like about Duane’s coaching is that he shows you how to perform your own technique that best fits an individual’s learning style which allows each person to learn to the best of their ability.

A perfect example of this is that he also showed me how to feel the rhythm of the rope as I jumped, whereas before, I was trying to “hear” when to jump. This allowed me to concentrate on bouncing off the balls of my feet and keeping my legs more straight. I finally got the timing of the double rotation down, and although this may not be my favorite cross-fit exercise, I’m beginning to enjoy it more and more-the less and less I look like a clown! Thanks Duane!”

Danielle Veiga