Double Under Dominance – Get To 50 – Training Seminar

Double Under – Get To 50 – Next Level Training

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From the Creator of

From the Box:

As the members of CrossFit Revealed were warming up, preparing for the Work Out of The Day (WOD)… I remembered back to my time at the Camp Mabry National Guard, Warrior CrossFit box. As a new Level 1 trainer, I wanted to be the best influence and provide the best coaching possible.

I specifically remember 60% of the members avoiding Double Unders and opting for Singles. I personally learned how to do Double Unders back in the 5th Grade so I could not understand frustration with double unders at that time.

After helping a few members finally get over the hump and string 15 – 25 Double Unders together I knew then that there was a real need to help others conquer this exercise.

As of November, 2013, I have helped hundreds around the world improve their Double Under Efficiency and get to 50 through my articles, videos, and training manual.

Join me and Take Advantage of this Next Level – Get To 50 – Double Under Training. I will work with you one-on-one specifically because your needs are different from everyone else’s.

Once you can do 50 Double Unders in a row (unbroken) 100 Double Unders in a row (unbroken) is just around the corner.

In Next Level – Get To 50 – Double Under Training, You Get All This:

  • Conquer and Dial-in your efficiency to get ready for the CrossFit Open, Regional Competitions, or just maximize and crush your workouts that include Double Unders
  • Get Newly Discovered Incites Not Previously Published
  • 5 Weeks of Training Designed To Your Specific Individual Needs
    • Training Tips emailed to you directly
  • 7 Total Individual Video Consults – $101 value
    • Get a before and after video consult and 5 weekly video consults
    • Responses will be returned in 48 hours
  • FREE Unlimited email consultations
    • All Emails Returned within 24 hours
  • 3 – 20 min Apple Facetime or Google Hangout Sessions (optional) – $60 value
    • You can get On-The-Spot corrections as I watch you and you can make corrections LIVE!
  • FREE Hard copy or Digital copy of the Double Under Training Manual – $28 value
  • 2 – 30 min Group Conference Calls to get your questions answered or listen in to others’ questions and get training tips directly from me (optional) – $30 value
    • Schedule on a per client bases or as a group
  • Live in the Austin Texas Area? Get one live 30 min Training Session (optional) – $25 value

*****This Entire Training Program Has a Potential $244.00 Value for You!****

Member Testimonial:

Desaree McKinney Actual LinkedIn Testimonial)

“Desaree hired you as a Personal Trainer in 2012”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Duane is an amazing CrossFit coach! Prior to training with him, I was doubtful about working out in any type of gym setting. However, Duane is adept at making people feel at ease, comfortable, and safe in the CrossFit box (gym). He also creates a workout environment that is accommodating to clients of different expertise and experience levels. Additionally, Duane is very knowledgeable about nutrition and dietary recipes/advice to offer clients trying to achieve particular physical results. Under his training, I was able to shed 15 pounds prior to my wedding day and look great the day of. However, it is his constant encouragement that keeps me maintaining my health and exercise routine months later. There is no one else I would recommend as a personal trainer!” October 25, 2013

    1. My Irresistible Offer

I have yet to offer a training program that offered so much.

I decided to have Next Level – Get To 50 – Double Under Training because I want to help you to effortlessly go to the next level in your Double Under Training efforts.

In Next Level – Get To 50 – Double Under Training, you can expect me to go into major detail about things I’ve written about or discussed before, but never like I’ll be doing for you in this training.

Now, because I want to get maximum participation, I’m going to make you an irresistible offer.

Here ’tis: Enroll in Next Level – Get To 50 – Double Under Training today and you can participate for the ridiculously low amount of $74.95.

Training Availability limited, so Sign-Up Today.

Okay, my friend. Climb on up. Take the first step to more efficient Double Unders. You’ll be glad you did.I look forward to seeing your weekly progression to 50 unbroken through the videos you send me.

As always my training programs come with a Satisfaction Guarantee! If you are not completely satisfied with your results or quality of training you will get a full refund on your purchase price within 90 Days after the end of your training.



For more information please reference:

Or Contact Duane at:

P.S. Remember This Training is Available for a Limited Time Only! Are you going to straddle the fence or be a DOER? Grab hold of this rare opportunity to learn from me directly. Seize the day. I promise you, this will be your opportunity to break through to 50 Double Unders and beyond once and for all.


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